viernes, febrero 12, 2010

Avocado love

Avocadoes from Malaga have hit the market. This is truly a moment to celebrate. Not that I´m strict at all when it comes to buying only local and seasonal stuff, mind you. Sure, I shun the Brazilian mango and the Peruvian asparagus and Chilean cherry, but I do buy the avocado from Ecuador if need be. The thing is, those are expensive, and it´s tricky to get them just how you want them, and there´s a lot of dissappointment with rock hard or far gone especimens.

But these Malagan babies are perfect. They are so cheap, you can buy a bushel and not mind having to chuck one. NOt that you have to, because they are really easy to pick out in their perfection. Also, they are small, a perfect single serving.
With such bounty, I use them everywhere. Salad or sandwich or breakfast toast or oriental wrap or quick dip, they are the fat of choice. Mayonaise, go away until further notice.

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